Yoga & Meditation

Yoga for the flow in working life….

Those who practice yoga regularly know the cleansing and decelerating effect. The inner clarity that regular yoga practice gives us. Before the yoga class you are still rushed, slightly aggressive from the daily stress of appointments, annoyed by everyone who even rudimentarily gets in your way. After the yoga class one floats through the world with an inner peace and serenity and a mental “Oh what the hell…”, and suddenly everything doesn’t look so grey, dreary and impossible anymore. We also like to call yoga acupuncture for the soul.

Just like yoga, meditation also frees the mind. And it can even help to lead employees. Because meditation changes something deep within us. It allows us to deal with ourselves, our body and our fellow human beings in a different way through consistent regular practice. More mindful.

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Meditation promotes the ability to concentrate by focusing on a meditation object. The relationship to stress can also be changed with meditation and has a proven effect on the stress hormone cortisol. With a regular meditation training one can lower the stress level lastingly.

Let your employees experience the lasting effect of the YOGA & MEDITATIONS practice and profitably integrate it into their working lives. Arrange a first non-binding get-to-know-you meeting today. I look forward to working with you.

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