The idea for SOCASPORTS originated from my passion for endurance sports, physical fitness and yoga. On the other hand, my consulting activities in HR management (www.socaconsult.com) have resulted in various links to occupational health management.

In times of digital change, as a consultant in the field of human resources, I am particularly concerned with the question of where human beings can still be human resources in digital times. And how employees as human beings can be given the freedom in the digital world they need.

For me, a well thought-out concept for occupational health combined with in-house activities in the areas of endurance, fitness, meditation and yoga are a possible key to motivating your employees to work hard for your company.

I myself am a licensed fitness trainer, enthusiastic endurance athlete and yoga teacher. I also study prevention and health management part-time at the APOLLON Hochschule der Gesundheitswirtschaft.

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